In July and August, CORE HOCKEY will be running a series of Specialty Camps. These programs are designed to work with players looking to get an early start to their 2017/2018 season. We are offering training camps to both individuals as well as groups.




Pricing: $285 (includes taxes)


CORE HOCKEY Group Sessions will run for 4 weeks. We are on the ice twice a week for 1 hr each day (Tuesdays and Thursdays). During these sessions, players will work through a variety of individual skill circuits and drills. The intent is to work on form, as well as increasing one's ability to perform at a high level (pace). We design the practices, but welcome input as to what skill sets are important for each group we work with.


SCHEDULE (Times Based on Availability)

July 4, 6 / 11, 13 / 18, 20 / 25, 27


Session Requirements:

1. 10 players per group.

2. Age bracket must be Peewee or older.


To get your group scheduled, or to inquire further, please send us a note via the Contact Us Page.



AUGUST J.U.M.P. CAMP (J.U.M.P – Junior, University, Midget, Pro)

Pricing: All camps are $225 (includes taxes)



August 1, 2, 3 / 8, 9,10 / 15, 16,17

6 – 7pm Midget / Junior Prep Camp

7 – 8pm Junior A / University / Pro Prep Camp


Midget / Junior Prep Camp born 2000-02

This camp will run for 3 consecutive weeks, hitting the ice on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings. Our intention for this camp is to prepare players for their upcoming season through an intense and up-tempo practice. The program is designed for players looking to play Junior or High-level Midget Hockey this coming season.


Junior A / University/ Pro Prep Camp

This camp will also run for 3 consecutive weeks, on the ice Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings. Junior A / University and Pro hockey experience is required for registration (Played in OHL, CJHL, USHL, NCAA, CIAU etc.).




Pricing: $175 (includes taxes & jersey). Add 3 on 3 Cross Ice for $125 (savings of $50)


This Program offers our IP1 Players the opportunity to work on their skill development through our number of different drills and competitive situations. We will continue to build a strong skating foundation while improving upon all of the puck skills (stick handling, passing and shooting). During the 1.25hrs daily, we will rotate our players through 6 different set ups designed to focus on all of the afore mentioned skills.



August 7 – 11


10:45am – 12pm** IP1 GROUP (born 2011-12)


**9:45 – 11am on Friday August 11.







Pricing: All camps are $350 (include taxes & jersey)



August 7 – 11

9am – 12pm Novice Camp

1 – 4pm Atom Camp


August 14 – 18

9am – 12pm Peewee Camp

1 – 4pm Bantam/Midget Camp


Novice Camp born 2009-10

This camp's focal point is skating. We will develop a strong skating foundation upon which we will build the key puck skills of stick handling, passing and shooting.


Atom Camp born 2007-08

This camp will concentrate on further developing the skating and puck skills of the player. There will also be time devoted to conditioning and the practical application of skills in the game.


Peewee Camp born 2005-06

This camp is geared towards the advancement of skills and skating techniques as well as the fundamental puck sills. A portion of our focus will also be devoted to angling and the proper techniques used to separate player from puck.


Bantam/Midget Camp born 2000-04

This camp will continue to build off of the key hockey skill sets while implementing more advanced techniques. Conditioning, puck pursuit and protection as well as timing will also be areas of focus.




Pricing Structure:

1. $175 (includes taxes) - Players registered for 3 on 3 ONLY

2. $125 (includes taxes) - Players ALSO registered for IP1 Station Nation

3. $100 (includes taxes) - Players ALSO registered for a Full Summer Training Camp (15hr Camp)


The CORE Hockey Cross-Ice Program is designed to encourage speed and skill through fast paced, non-stop action. Focus on improving puck control, passing and shooting through our high tempo, small area games. We will play each day, Monday through Thursday. The schedule for each age group, as designated by Hockey Canada for the 2016/2017 season, is listed below:



August 21 – 24 (1.5hrs each day for 4 days)

11:30am – 1pm Novice/IP1 born 2009-12

1 – 2:30pm Atom born 2007-08

2:30 – 4pm Peewee born 2005-06

2:30 – 4pm Bantam/Midget born 2000-04



1. All players must be registered and waiver completed prior to their first session.


2. A minimum of 12 skaters and 2 goalies is needed for a section to run. Section enrollment will close when a maximum of 18 players and 2 goalies are registered (for each end).


3. Three skaters from each team are in the area of play during each shift. This format opens up the play and promotes creativity with the puck. The smaller cross-ice playing area also forces the players to make quick decisions while reading and reacting to the action.


4. The sessions are 1.5 hours in duration. The clock will run, nonstop, with the buzzer sounding to designate a line change. Players change on the fly, creating transition speed. As a result, the shifts are played at a high intensity. With limited time spent at rest, this format also promotes conditioning for each athlete.


5. There are no off-sides, icings, and no whistles to stop the continuous flow of play. As a goal is scored, a new puck is shot into the area of play and the game resumes.


6. Penalties will be enforced. If a player commits an infraction, the penalty will be served during their next full shift, resulting in his/her line playing short handed for the entire time (buzzer to buzzer). If a foul is deemed intentional (causes an injury or potential for injury), the offending player can be removed from the game. Depending on severity, the player can be suspended for the remainder of the program without refund.


7. Staff will be on the ice, at the benches and in the playing surface to assist, instruct and monitor.














2018 May AAA Training Camp





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