The goal of our program is to inspire our players to strive for personal excellence. It has been our experience that through hard work and determination comes skill development and improvement. Improvement brings self-confidence, which in turn leads to a greater enjoyment of the game.


Our formula to reach our goal of striving for personal excellence is comparable to architectural design.  All development begins with a solid foundation.  In our camps, we strongly emphasize the fundamentals of skating. A player who has a better grasp of edge work and body control will be a better player when it comes to skills with the puck and physical play. Maximizing the stride through power skating and improvement of one’s speed and coordination through quick feet and agility drills are staples of the CORE Hockey experience.


With a strong foundation of skating, we can continue to build the necessary puck, passing and shooting skills. We break down the skills and techniques to their basics, so that when we implement our over-speed drills, the player can focus on maintaining proper form. Our over-speed concepts force players to work and play outside of their personal comfort zones. Accelerated skating, puck handling, passing and shooting drills increase mental awareness. The recall from these drills allows game play to be more reactionary, decreasing the need to over think.


Utilizing our playing and coaching experiences, we form a curriculum to accommodate all age groups and skill levels. We have conducted full day hockey schools, as well as half day training camps, always taking the needs of the individual group we are coaching to formulate the practice plans. Beginner or Professional, 5 years old or 55, we are dedicated to providing all of our students the necessary tools to help solidify their game. We invest a tremendous amount of time and effort to make each CORE Hockey camp successful. To us, the success of a camp is determined by the success of our students.


CORE Hockey was founded in 2005 in response to the demand for a quality, high caliber camp in the Thunder Bay area. With this in mind, we were determined to ensure that our students had constant attention, making a conscious effort to offer positive, encouraging and constructive feedback to each and every player. It is our standard that the camp be operated on and off the ice with equal levels of professionalism. We are involved in every aspect of the daily operations. Always the first to arrive and the last to leave the arena, we are also on the ice as the lead instructors for every camp.


CORE Hockey support staff is of the highest quality both in hockey experience and in personal ethics. We will help our students achieve their hockey goals in a fun environment.


We expect our staff to be:

     Punctual, presentable, and polite.

     Energetic and enthusiastic.

     Observant, helpful and understanding.

     Mindful in enforcing codes of behavior that ensure all students have fun and stay safe.

     A strong role model.



CORE Hockey was established by a family who was blessed to have received so much from the sport of hockey. In recognizing the many gifts that hockey has bestowed upon us, we felt compelled to return to our community, Northwestern Ontario, all of the knowledge and experience we have gained over the past 35 years. Not only do we want the youth of the area to reach all of their hockey goals, but we want them to pursue all of their life dreams with determination and a good heart.


Northwestern Ontario has a solid reputation for developing players who are hard working, talented and gritty. We want to be a part of keeping that tradition strong for years to come.


CORE Hockey lead instructors have been keynote speakers for numerous youth groups, schools and organizations over the years. Speaking about our hockey careers and the positive influence that helped us reach our goals has been an uplifting experience. We stress education, self respect, respect of others, and a healthy lifestyle both physically and mentally. CORE Hockey wants to help everyone UNLOCK THEIR POTENTIAL.



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